Thoughtless Original Ending.


I had no idea there was an alternative ending of Thoughtless until half an hour ago. And I must confess that I just wasn’t able to read the entire draft.

I know I said I hated Kiera in the first book and that I almost wanted to kill her. But I didn’t mean that for real!!  I couldn’t think of another ending worse than the original one. The truth is that I think it was way too much. The heartbreaking scene description. The unnecessary blood. The excessive amount of pain. The perspective of Denny in jail. And of course, the end of Kellan’s life (figuratively speaking). I even thought it was some kind of joke. An atrocious and abominable joke. The whole thing it seemed so surreal to me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

The only thing that made sense to me was that Denny really was outside his mind after discovering their relationship. And that the final blow could have been in fact the end of Kiera. But it just there’s so much potential in the whole story, that it seems really stupid and unbelievable for them to end that way.

I didn’t cry while reading it. I think I was too astonished and happy at the same time for having a WAY much better ending now. So thank you C.S. Stephens for not making me lose my mind with that terribly awful ending. I’m so grateful that we have instead Effortless and Reckless and that I will be always waiting for Thoughtless #4.


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