Merry Christmas, Kellan Kyle!

boy-city-couple-first-snow-girl-favim-com-110531_largeJust when I was preparing myself to start the day before Christmas, S.C. Stephens surprises me by sharing an exclusive Kellan’s holiday scene. I can’t imagine a better way to start this holiday season than with a little piece of our beloved Kellan.

The petit snippet occurs after Reckless, when Kellan plans a special getaway with Kiera in the middle of a forest.

I was looking forward to a little alone time with the love of my life.

But the thing is that nothing goes right for them. No light, no heat, no car, no cellphone, and no Ryder. It is pretty funny though how they react to all the series of unfortunate events, with the charm and humor that characterizes them.

The only screwing that will be going on around here, is the good kind. The kind where you scream-Yes, God, yes!

I love the way Kellan wants to make everything works for Kiera, just to see her smile. And I adore how she can lighten up his spirit with her unconditional support.

We’ll figure something out. Together. It will be okay, as long as we stay near each other.

I really love them as a couple. And I love more S.C. Stephens for giving me one of the best Christmas present of this year.

Here’s the link. Enjoy it!


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