Easy by Tammara Webber


Saying “Thank God for this book” might be a good way to start this review. I literally devoured this story in just a few couple of hours. I must admit though that Lucas Maxfield worth every single minute of them. The truth is that the book almost reads by itself.

The first thing that I really loved about Easy is their main characters, both of them. This is very unusual for me because when I read I always end up feeling the need of smacking one of them at least more than once. But this wasn’t the case at all. They were very likeable and they felt very real. You could imagine actual people acting like them, making the same choices and thinking in the same way.

I simply loved Jacqueline. She acted the way any normal girl would act. I liked that she was straightforward, smart and talented, and didn’t think less of herself with any situation. She was strong and although she made mistakes, she didn’t have stupid impulses nor had the need of constant crying and unnecessary suffering. She was so well written and thought, that I could actually reflect myself in her. I don’t think I’m going to forget her any time soon, and that is something that only happens to me with the boys. Now, if I could describe Lucas I would say that he is definitely a dream come true. Not the typical bad boy. Okay, he has his body covered in tattoos, with a very sexy piercing on his bottom lip and long dark hair. Nevertheless, his tattoos had a very special meaning and he also was very smart, as being an economics tutor kind of smart. And also he was responsible and very hard-working, with too many jobs just to pay for his education.

 Love is not the absence of logic
but logic examined and recalculated
heated and curved to fit
inside the contours of the heart

When it comes to their story, there are just too many things to talk about. At the beginning, one would expect that Jackie was a completely different person. Everything in her life, before being dumped, was just going perfect for her. She was a great college student, with supposedly great friends and just a few weeks away from the three-year anniversary with her perfect high school boyfriend. But after Kennedy decided that he wanted something else, she realized what he gave up for him, her dreams of studying music, she had stopped making new friends, and the friends she thought she had never were in the first place. So, this whole new single status she had, pretty much changed entirely her perspective of seeing things. And this was her life when she met Lucas and Landon at the same time.

About the entire Lucas/Landon thing, I must admit that I just felt from the beginning that they could be the same person, even though they seemed to be very different people. Lucas, a mysterious guy who she never saw before THE night and Landon, her very nice and gentle economics tutor, were both her savior in some way. While Lucas saved her from being raped from a bastard named Buck, Landon helped her with the class that she took just to be with his ex-boyfriend, and after two-weeks of absence and a missed midterm, she needed a lot of help.

I wanted to tell you that I just–I miss you. And maybe that sounds ridiculous–like we barely know each other, but between the emails and texts and… everything else, I felt like we did. Like we do. and I miss–I don’t know how else to say it–I miss both of you.

I loved how the story developed. Without the need of getting deeper in secondary characters like family or friends, the author could focus on the main love story and the problems of each one of the lovers; which gets as a result a very good structured book with just the essential for the story to make perfect sense. I really liked the way that they were getting to know each other. It wasn’t something hurried or precipitated. Webber didn’t have the need to describe with detail the sex scenes to make it real hot. You could almost feel what Jacqueline was feeling when she was with Lucas and the intensity of the moment. It had the perfect rhythm to make you craving for more. C’mon, with someone like Lucas who wouldn’t be craving for more. With him it was love at the first read. He is sexy and handsome as hell, but so sweet and protective at the same time. Independent but paying attention to every detail.  I love the fact that he noticed Jacqueline much earlier than their first encounter in the parking lot. And it makes him even sweeter that he’s even ashamed of that. To have someone that pays that level of attention to a woman just worth’s it.

 His hands reached for me, gripping my hipbones and pulling me forward. He stared down at me, his voice low. “There are some things I will make time for, Jacqueline.”

About the problems and drama behind each one, I think that rape and all that involves is a pretty tough and sensitive topic to deal about, so the story itself was one hell of an emotional ride. But the important thing is that book allows you to comprehend this problem, showing you what you would feel, what you should do, what is right and what is wrong. And Jackie finally ends doing the right thing, by giving her support to one student that didn’t had the same luck as she did. Regarding Lucas, I think his story is really terrible. I couldn’t think in a worst experience than what happened to him. I’m really happy though that beside all the traumatic experience, he finally could be able of succeed and overcome the problems, even if his father doesn’t decide to do the same. He is such a demonstration of strength and courage. I have to say that I think they are THE perfect couple. I adore how they support and help each other to think beyond their personal problems. I love how they match perfectly together.

I breathed him in, closing my mouth tight and inhaling the scent of him through my nose. I felt sheltered by him. Safe.

I don’t feel the need of dedicating any word to Buck or Kennedy, because I think none of them worth’s it. Buck is worst than a pig, and I’m happy that his future is all ruined because of what he did. And about Kennedy, I think that his eternal regret for making Jackie go is more than enough. I must mention though Jacqueline’s best friend, Erin. She is someone I would definitely wish to have as a friend. It’s really hard to find someone that supportive. I have experience with friends who turn their backs when the problem doesn’t concern them. But Erin was with Jackie every moment, knowing how important what happened to her was. I loved the fact that she put her friendship and moral above her relationship. I’m in awe of her because of that.

“Let’s go make Chaz wish he was never born.”
“Oh, Erin. I’m so glad you ‘re on my side.”
“Damn right, bitch.”

My only complaint when it comes to Easy is that it only consists in one book and that it happens really fast. And I know this probably makes a lot people happy, but somehow I got used to trilogies and sagas, and I would really love to have more of them. However, Tammara made me think about it with something I read on her blog, about how taking a couple further means something crappy happens to them. That made a lot of sense to me, and since it happens that I adore Jacqueline and Lucas as a couple, I prefer to have them until Easy. Besides, I’m in love with the end of the story and how they made their lives matched perfectly. Also, this year is published Breakable, a version of Lucas’s POV, so I can’t complaint much.

 What I can’t do anywhere is be with you.

Easy had 5 stars pretty easily. I love Lucas. He is definitely on my top best book boyfriends. And let me tell you, he is going to be hard to overcome.

The way he kissed me felt like a brand. Like he was tattooing himself under my skin.



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