Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken (Ruin, #1)


I absolutely LOVED Ruin. And I’m definitely in love with Wes Michels.

I shouldn’t have looked. If I could go back in time, I would have. I had no idea that one look would devastate me. Weeks from now I would regret that one look, for one reason and one reason only. His eyes held my ruin.

I really liked how the story begins. Wes reminded a little of Damon of TVD, and I’m madly deeply in love with him. I love his kind of humor, his sarcasm, the way that he talks, and how he approaches to Kiersten. I loved the chemistry between the two of them. Even though I suspected that he could be her RA, I didn’t expect for him to have a page on Imdb and being a famous multimillionaire. However, the interest that he had on her, a normal human being, had a very real explanation for him: the death of his younger brother. It’s hard to imagine worst things than someone close to you commits suicide. Just like Kiersten said, you always are going to wonder what could you done to avoid that. And that was exactly what Wes wanted to do, since he couldn’t be able to save his brother, he wanted to save someone else, and Kiersten was the perfect candidate for that, although he ended up falling for her and her red hair. I must admit that I don’t understand his obsession with her red hair; I suppose that that makes me non desirable to him then 😦

“I can tell you have a good heart…” I sighed, opening the door to the outside.” … because the minute I met you, I wanted to fight for it.”

I loved that the book was written from the point of view of both of the main characters. That allows us to have a better understanding of the whole situation going on between them. And the quotes at the beginning of each chapter were simply the best.

Note to self, when a girl’s smile makes you forget your own name – you’re in some deep shit.

I think Wes is perfect. Heart, mind, body and soul. Not only he was a gorgeous sex god with a unique eight pack, but he had the sense of humor that I’m particularly in love with. I love the way he chased Kiersten, and how he cared about her. His advices due to his endless therapies were real life lessons. I think I’m going to add them to my favorite inspirational quotes. He is truly divine.

Life isn’t fair, but living? Living is heaven. Living is a gift. Every gift is different — every path is different — for some reason this is ours, and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can stop crying and start living.

About her, I don’t really understand the entire typical virgin never been kissed shy kind of girl. I mean, I know this could happen in real life, as in my case, I never had a boyfriend since I turn 18, but I doubt it’s a generalized case. However, this happens to be the exact same situation as many other books, not that I dislike it though; I just think it’s curious. Anyway, it didn’t took me long to discover that something had happened to his parents, although the way that they died was what was told somewhere in the middle of the story. After a tragedy like that, it would totally be reasonable to react as she did and lock herself from the rest of the world. I really empathized with her. What awful nightmares she must have had. And what surreal sensation she must have feel while taking the antidepressants; you end up entering into a zombie like world. I’m so grateful for her to meet Lisa, Gabe and Wes. She really deserved it.

I don’t really know how to express how perfect Wes was during the time they were together as friends. He had the perfect words for her, cheering her up every time she needed it. I love that she didn’t have any nightmares while sleeping with him, what a comforting sensation she must have feel. He was a true friend for her. It was hard to discover that Wes was actually going to die. At first, you didn’t know what was happening to him and how long did he had left. However, it was a matter of putting all of his phrases together to really understand that he had something very serious going on. I really suffered each time that he had some of the side effects of his experimental medicines. It’s so sad to see someone so vital and with so much life yet to live but having a terrible disease like that. I don’t judge him at all for approaching to Kiersten even having a little time to cherish with her, because I really prefer to have a little of him than not having it at all. And I think that the best way for doing it is not telling her about his illness, just like he did. If that wouldn’t be the case, she wouldn’t have enjoyed all the things without being preoccupied how much time they have left.

 “What you two have — it’s a once in a lifetime — you fight for him, sweetheart. Fight for him with every last breath. No regrets, okay?”

Time happens as twice as fast when you are having fun. And that’s exactly what happened to Wes. The months before the surgery literally flew by, and a week before that he finally decides to go one step forward and asks her to be his girlfriend. What I really don’t understand though is how Kiersten didn’t realize the fact that he was so in love with her, despite his powerful and famous condition. I mean, she was really surprised when he tells her that they can be lovers more than the initial two weeks that Wes proposes to her. The week on his father’s home was a dream. What I wouldn’t give to live a week like that. Wes was so adorable; I kept falling for him more and more. What I really didn’t expect was for his father to be like that, he was such a good and welcoming person.

I’m going to make it so hard for you to forget this first kiss that you don’t want anyone else kissing you ever again. When the guy you fall in love with kisses you — it better put this kiss to shame — if it doesn’t, then he isn’t the right guy. Because I’m going to do a damn good job, and I want the guy that earns you, that takes that heart of yours and holds it in the palm of his hands… I want that guy to be able to make you feel things I’ll just be tapping into. Do you understand, Kiersten?

His last football game before anyone knew the truth was just heartbreaking. I couldn’t imagine what would be like to see someone apparently so strong and powerful to fall like that, especially if he is your boyfriend. I thought that Kiersten would react worst than she did, but that’s when I realize that over the three months that they were together, he had giving her the strength and the necessary advices for cheering him up and go with him along his most difficult moments. He made her strong and she ended up being strong for him. They were exactly what they needed for recovering each other. They were pure love.

No matter how afraid you are – you can still make the choice to fight. You can still make the choice to walk through the fire- he said to do it afraid.

I must say that I didn’t really know what would be the outcome of the surgery, but if Wes wouldn’t have made it, I would have been absolutely devastated. I can’t express how happy I was when the doctor finally says that the tumor shrank and that he is going to make it. There are few moments of happiness that exceed what his father and future wife must have felt.

About the other characters, at the beginning I thought that Lisa would be more relevant, but instead turned out to be Gave who was more important, not only for Kiersten but also for Wes. That was something that I really didn’t expected, since he ended up being close friends to Wes and even his confident. It literally broke my heart when Wes was in the hospital and he told him that he asked God to give him the cancer instead of Wes. It’s no surprise then that the story continues with his life. You can tell that there is so much going on behind what was told on this first book.

I held her tight all night. Later on when Gabe came in I told him I was keeping her. With a smirk he told me he’d return with some fresh clothes. A year ago I wouldn’t have picked him out of a crowd — now it felt like he was my best friend. And I owed it all to the girl sleeping in my arms.

I think that the uncle of Kiersten, Jobob, it’s such an important piece for her life. I love him when he tells her to enjoy life and make more adventurous things. That’s why she came up with the list with things to make her live her life. I adore the things in the list, although I wouldn’t have put in there the bungee jumping thing. I would have been absolutely terrified.

This book produced me so many emotions that it’s kind of hard to express them in a coherent way in here. Ruin is an awesome rocking love story that leaves you with the message that love conquers all.

“You rescued me and I found my ruin.” I bit down on my lip. “I’m ruined for you – and I won’t ever be the same. It’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.”

I cannot wait to read Toxic and Fearless, they are definitely between my most expected books for this year. I am truly grateful to meet fantastic and unforgettable characters like Wes, Kiersten and Gabe, and to be able to know and share their experiences. Thank you Rachel for creating such a wonderful story!!


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