Be with me by J. Lynn


I have a serious case of book hangover. And I think is the worst so far. I’m literally still living inside the book’s pages. I can’t stop thinking about Jase and Teresa and all the wonderful stories that happen between and inside of them.

I’m simply amazed by Be with me. It’s just perfect. Astounding. Astonishing. Remarkable. Breathtaking. Unforgettable. It involves romance, sex, drama, death, failures and many more. But in the end, it’s a perfect love story, just my favorite kind of type. I loved every word of it. And it’s definitely one of the best books I have ever read, if it isn’t the best.

When first I started reading this book, I knew that the main story was between Cam’s little sister and one of his best friends. What I couldn’t predict though, was that their story resulted to be much more intense than I could ever imagine. I was impressed in a very good way. I didn’t think it was possible to find another couple that could like as much as Cam and Avery did. But I have totally found it. Teresa and Jase are a picture perfect couple for me.

I just really really really like Tess. I adore every single part of her personality. She is adorable, clever, and brave. I love that she is bubbly and elegant, but also very quiet and with just a few friends. I was gladly surprised that she also could be bold when she has to. I think that is the part of her that I don’t have. Anyway, I love the way she thinks and how she reacts to different situations. I could definitely see myself having a crush on someone and reacting just the way she did. Falling in love just like her, and giving meaning to things that could have any meaning at all. She is so gorgeous and graceful, but at the same time, her ego isn’t anywhere near the one of his brother. She is one of those characters that make you want to be like her, or at least to be her friend. And, of course, I could totally understand why she felt in love with Jase. I mean, he is perfection made man. I didn’t think that someone could get anywhere near Cam. He set the bar too high. But Jase totally made it. I don’t understand why boys can’t admit the gorgeousness (or at least the attractiveness) of his friends. If you could ask Cam about Jase, he would never tell you how handsome he is. That’s the main reason why I think I couldn’t picture him like that in the beginning. But from what I know now, he definitely shares the prize of the hottest best book boyfriend with Cam. And that’s a lot to say, considering that I seriously felt in love with Cam.

How do I start with him? He is almost flawless. He has everything I could possibly want from a man. He is thoughtful, careful, caring, gentle and charming. He is a gorgeous sex god with an awesome rockin body. He loves his family; he rides horses, and makes you want to spend every single minute with him, making you forget the big issue of him having a son. That only makes him more desirable.

The attraction between the two of them was inevitable. You could tell that Jase wanted Tess just as much as she wanted him. Nonetheless, that didn’t make it less painful for her when he tells that he regretted the whole kiss situation. I literally died on that minute. How do you suppose to feel when the thing that kept your heart going was only one sided? Anyway, it was just a matter of time before they get together somehow. I love how Jase is with Teresa, how gentleman he is and how he cares about her, not in a brother sister kind of way, but in a very sexy one. Exactly like Jase’s would have. Jase’s confession didn’t impress me that much. I knew immediately what was going on from his reaction when she asked him about Jack being his brother. I must admit that it didn’t scare me at all about the whole situation of Jase being a dad, or the fact that he didn’t had assumed the responsibility. He was a kid, and you could see how much he loves Jack and regrets about the decision.

You know, I’ve tried staying away from you. I’ve tried ignoring how I feel about you, which isn’t how I should feel. But it’s like fighting a losing battle. And I don’t want to fight it anymore. I don’t want to ignore this.

What I truly didn’t see coming at all was Tess performing oral sex on him in the middle of the road. I mean, how could you move from the kiss and regret situation, to the most intimate act you can have with a person, even more than sex I think. I could imagine why Jase didn’t scare the hell out of him, c’mon! He is a dude. But what really surprised me though, was accepting that their first close encounter was in the middle of the night in an abandoned road, while her being drunk. That didn’t sound very special or everlasting at all. However, it all made sense the day after when he found out that she was indeed drunk, and he didn’t knew that. I think that beginning their relationship with something as unexpected as that, makes the story a hell more credible and believable. Because in life, everything is far from perfect and not everything goes as how we planned.

Holy shit, where did you learn that? Fuck. Don’t answer. I don’t want to know. I prefer to think you were born with that talent.

The whole story of Tess’s roommate really hit me hard. It was too obvious that Erik was hitting her, but still it was very painful to see how she did nothing about it, and how the entire situation affected Teresa by reminded her of Jeremy. What I like the most about Teresa is her strength and resilience. How she deals with a smile on her face everything that happens to her. I can’t imagine how hard must be for her, to stop doing what she loved the most and not giving up.

My dream had been shattered, but then re-created, fashioned into something with more meaning and becoming more precious.

And the way she survives to an abusive boyfriend, who treated her like a punching bag, leaving her traumatized for the rest of her life. But what I consider the worst is to find a friend that was in the same situation, dead, hanging in the room that they shared. I definitely didn’t expect to find Abby dead. That is really a tough topic to deal with, and one of the worse things that can happen to someone. I think that is something that affects you for your whole life. I really don´t know how Teresa survived after that event. I think a person can only take too much, but she went beyond all the established limits. Maybe founding love was enough for her to overweight the bad things, and having someone as excellent as Jase is sufficient to continue living a happy life as she did. I definitely believe so.

I am so in love with them as a couple. I love how Jase introduce her to his parents, and how they planned to tell to Cam the news. The situation though, didn’t go well at all for them. However, it was sweet to see the moment when Cam realizes that Jase’s feelings for her sister are real and he stops interfering. I don’t want to talk much about what happens after they made love, because it was very sad to see how Jase was running away from everything he wanted by hurting one of the people that he loves the most. I really couldn’t understand how fear could overcome their strong feeling, and how Tess still continues wishing him the best.

I must admit, that I was strongly impressed about the final encounter with Erik. I even believed in him at some point, truly thinking that he missed Abby. I wasn’t ready to find the monster inside of him. The only action of thinking in that moment makes me anxious. Poor Teresa. The best part of it, was the result of the events. How finally Erik admitted the whole crime and went to jail for it, and how Jase FINALLY realizes that he can’t lose Teresa.

“I’ve never been more sorry in my life about anything.
… He dropped his forehead to mine and with a silky soft kiss, he gently parted my lips, working his velvety tongue against mine. “And I’m more than willing to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, because I love you, Tess. I am so fucking in love with you in a way I’ve never loved someone before.” His eyes glittered with hunger and love. “Please let me prove that to you. Please, Tess.”

The end for me was perfect. Picturing them as a couple, imagining the wonderful life they can have.

This book was pure perfection. I am so glad that I could be part of it. I am so in love with J. Lynn and with her characters. Jase definitely left an intense mark on me. ❤


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