The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski


Since I’ve finished reading The Edge of Always, I just can’t stop thinking about Andrew and his love story with Camryn. This book gave me everything I needed. It had so many different elements of their relationship that I literally walked along through their lives with them. And I loved every minute and word of it.

I don’t even know where to start when I start thinking about all the things that happened in this book.

First of all, I was so happy to finally see them so content with themselves and the fact of having a baby. Nonetheless, when you knew that something bad was going to happen to them, you could almost feel that it was something related to Lily. I really liked how the topic was handled. There weren’t any unnecesary details about her death, although that didn’t make it less painful. I was so sad for them. I couldn’t believe that after everything they went through there were still some serious things happening to them. I think that a dying child is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, and that there are so many ways that a person could respond to an event like that. I really loved how Andrew managed the whole situation. He knew he needed to stay strong for Cam, so he did. I didn’t understand her though. It was like seeing a completely different person. I really suffered for him. To see how everything could only got worst. I truly thought that she wasn’t coming back. The whole pill situation really pissed me off. It’s just something so stupid when you think about the person she had by her side. Andrew was with her the entire time, and I just can’t get how she could do something that awful to him. But with that situation, once again, you could see how wonderful was Andrew as a boyfriend/fiancée. He is truly THE perfect man.

When I think about them as a couple, I can only say that they have everything I want about a relationship.  They went through hell but came back victouriously together. They can face everything as long as they are together. They stand side by side no matter what. And with a man like Andrew by your side, you could be pretty sure that nothing is powerful enough to bring you down.

Their return to the road was perfect. Even though it wasn’t something planned, their strategy was everything I could ask for: sun and beach. Those couples of months and the stories that we could shared were perfection. The first night that they asked for separate rooms I really wasn’t expecting to find a Ian’s photo inside Natalie’s letter. I didn’t imagine that he was something that Cam didn’t have the chance to get over with. Andrew is just so thoughtful when it comes to her. He thinks about every tiny detail about the woman of his life. What I didn’t understand though, was Cam going to the beach without telling him. Why she kept continue doing things without thinking about the consequences and being so damn selfish? Maybe I just think about Andrew a little too much…

 To be continued..


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