Fearless by Rachel Van Dyken (Ruin, #2.5)


Fearless is the author’s gift for all the Wes and Kiersten’s fans out there, myself included. This short novella is the continuation of their love story that mainly told us about their wedding and the first night as a husband and wife.

It doesn’t add something else or different to the main story, but give us more of what we desperately want, Wes Michels. This confirms why is that we love him so much and why he stands as the ultimate perfect book boyfriend. Seriously, his sweetness almost killed me. Almost. While reading the book, you cannot truly believe how a man could love that much, even after what he had been through. Maybe been near death really convinced him that his life was going nowhere fast, but instead he found Kiersten and so much to live for.

“Moments with a girl like that? I knew they were one in a million and I was on a mission to capture them all. Each. And every. One.”

They are perfect together. I really enjoyed reading about them. While in Ruin the emotions were right around the corner and it takes your breath away, now you get to see only the romantic and magic side of love.

“My heart feels strong for you, my desire isn’t just to marry you and let this be our moment, Kiersten. I want to marry you and create a million moments every single day.”

I found so romantic that Wes wanted to marry Kiersten right away and no longer wait for it, but I didn’t expected he had this whole thing planned with all the relevant people involved. Their friends are family are something essential in their lives. Gabe shows us how good of a friend he is. I still can’t assume the entire story that happened to him in Toxic while he is so happy now, just like the times he was pretending he was.

Like I said, this book is mainly for us, the ones that still wanted to know more about the happy couple and their lives. However, Fearless isn’t just about them, but also gave us some taste about Lisa’s story. Just like what happened with Gabe, you couldn’t really knew what was going inside her mind by only seeing her on the outside. You had to read her POV to figure out what her troubles and terrors are. I admit I was slightly surprised with her confessions. I really didn’t expect to have this other whole surprising story beside Gabe’s one. I mean, what could possibly happen to her that was worse than what happened to Parker? Yes, there can be some things. October, come to me now please!


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