Allegiant by Veronica Roth (Divergent, #3)

Allegiant_novel_cover I’m completely speechless. I usually start reviews by saying how much I love the book and some general reasons for it. But in this case, I have seen myself obliged to start a little bit different. I just can’t believe that the heroin dies. I mean, she seriously dies. Like, gone, for real. After everything Tris (and Tobias) went through, it is so hard to believe that she finally didn’t make it. It’s just so incredible unfair. I really wasn’t expecting this, not in a thousand years I would imagined something like this would happen. It shocked me. Hard. I hated it. I really didn’t believe it at first. I truly was expecting the part where she appeared alive, breathing and talking again. It only hit me when I didn’t see any name at the beginning of a chapter, because there was only one main character left. For me, it was like what would have happened if Harry Potter would have died. Can you imagine it? No, me neither. She really was the hero of the whole story and didn’t deserve to die. I know that this may be biased because of my repulsion of not happy endings, but this is cruel, and for me, kind of pointless. To create three amazing books to finally kill her in the end? No, it doesn’t work. It’s what’s never supposed to happen. I’ve never felt so betrayed like I’m feeling right now. I have this huge weight in my chest, telling me that this can’t possibly be the end; her life can’t end this way. My heart aches and my head doesn’t comprehend. This must be a joke, an awful joke; I don’t want to believe it isn’t one. I think I could cry right now. At least my heart definitely is. Giving the present circumstances, I think I could talk endlessly about how much I hated the ending and how awful I feel for losing a friend like Tris. But that wouldn’t make any favor to the rest of the book, so I’m going to start with the usual, just to finish by destroying the non-typical fairytale ending, that, by the way, I hated. Allegiant is absolutely different from the other two books. It was purely about finding out the truth about all the lies and what doing with it, without any factions or ties defining each other’s actions. It starts with a lot of action, where the rebels of the Factionless’s system were kept prisoners and had to wait for their trials. I was happy when Tris went free and join to the Allegiant, I didn’t really liked the whole Factionless system. In fact, I really hate Evelyn. For me she’s just another tyrant, trying to impose her POV and punishing the ones who didn’t followed her. I truly thought that Tobias wouldn’t follow Tris outside the city, I felt like he really liked to be with his mom, although he finally saw the light of what she was. About the Caleb situation, it was natural that she would save him, I would have too, but I was so glad to see that she was mad at him. It’s not like its common, most people give up to their feeling and let go so easily of anger. But for me, he couldn’t be forgiven that easily; he had to pay for what he did. He almost killed his sister. It was so funny that Four made Caleb believe that he was going to be executed that night, he really deserved it. The escape from the city was too fast and too deathly to me. What I mean is that it was so less thought and planned than all the other plans and happened so quickly, but still it was a fatal destiny for some of them.  Their arrival to the airport was truly shocking. I didn’t expect for them to be confronted by our reality, or a modified version of it. To hear words like the Unites States, airplanes or airports, was like moving the whole Divergent theme to a completely new scenario, and you knew that was only the very beginning. To find out the truth about their “experiment” was a major combination of disappointment and anxiousness. Disappointment because their world as we first knew it was something so unique and pure, living under a special set of rules that guided the society, something extremely different than what we are familiar with. And to know, that their creation was the result of the genetic manipulation to achieve a better society but to fail on it, and the intention of restoring it and going back to their genetic purity, it all seemed so vain and meaningless. It was like killing all the magic inside the Faction system and the people that lived on it. And anxiousness because it’s hard to imagine how must they felt when knowing all those things. How your world can crush in just a matter of seconds, making yourself wondering about everything you know, so you cannot possibly separate what’s real from what it isn’t. How could be any of the system they had have been real? All the tests they had to pass, all the knowledge they achieved, their fears, likes and dislikes, what is real and what they wanted to make them feel like real. It is so bewildering that makes my head hurt. The worst part though, was the whole explanation for the Divergent people. And I say so without implying a judgment, because I think the idea was pretty clever. In a world where people were limited by dominant characteristics as the result of “damaged” genes, it was only natural to see threat in the individuals who didn’t fit in the classifications they have made. And that they ended up being the ones that the “initial society” expects from the whole city is a pretty great turnaround. I could totally relate with Tobias feeling less special for not being Divergent. I mean his whole life he grew up believing one thing and was so certain about it, and in just one second they destroyed all you think you know about yourself and tell you a hell of a worse reason. Who wants to have damaged genes, even if it’s not something bad in the end? I think I would have reacted the same way, although I wouldn’t have participated with Nita. She was kind of mysterious to me, and not in a good way. The news about Tris’s mother really surprised me. I really didn’t expected for her to be from outside the city, and less for her to be a part of the bureau. Although the part that shocked me the most is how could you live with a secret as enormous as that and knowing that no one around you knows a thing. It’s really selfish from my POV. Or selfless, if you want to see it the other way around. Still, I don’t get how she didn’t tell to their children, to say the least. I would have hated her. How is it possible to live with a person so many years but still know so little of them? I don’t know how Tris was awed by her. I was definitely not. The Tris’s reaction that I liked though was the one she constantly had with his brother.  I know a lot of people who would forgive someone just in a second, but I just couldn’t, not a chance. And I liked that she reacted just the way I would do. It’s just; I really can’t understand how he could do something so awful to her, just because thinking of a greater good. C’mon! She is your sister, the only family you have left and you just leave her to die just like that? No way, I don’t think forging is that easy, and she made him feel in that way. Good for her and her strength. I was about to say that I really don’t understand how Tobias could leave with Nita in the middle of the night without telling anything to Tris, but the more I think about it, the less I’m surprised. The shock he must have felt knowing that something was wrong with him, even if his girlfriend didn’t see him any different, must have been pretty big, so I get it. And that situation quickly changed when he told her about it even if Nita didn’t want him to, so I loved him more for that. What surprised me tough was how in fact they were treated a lot different than the GP people. Just by going into the fringe, you could even feel the gigantic differences between the two worlds, the one that David sold to Tris, and the one that lived the GD. It was definitely something they wouldn’t allow, so of course he felt he had to do something about it, even if it was the worst plan ever. Nita was so little reliable and shadowy that you just knew something bad was going to happen. Tris knew it right away, like always, but Tobias couldn’t listen to her. It surprised me when he accepted even if she didn’t want to, not because having different opinions, but as his girlfriend, to being defied in front of other people just like that, it would have killed me. However, What I couldn’t anticipate was that it was something very extremely different from the original plan, that involved killing hundreds of people, and that it would happen so damn quickly. I wasn’t expecting bombs and explosions that killed people, and the results of their failed plan were even worse. The reaction of Beatrice to Tobias’s decision was absolutely perfect to me. I couldn’t even imagine something more appropriate and accurate than what she said. I really admire her. For Tobias’s disappointment, she was right about the whole thing, but the worst was the collateral effect of his decision in his best friend’s brother, Uriah. I really didn’t think it was going to be that bad, I thought he would wake up. His death to me was absolutely and completely unnecessary. It was enough that he would broke a few bones to make Tobias understand the lesson, but kill him? Totally redundant. I was saving the romantic part of the story up until this point. Despite this book has a lot of action and drama going on, I think it’s mainly a book of love. The relationship of Tobias and Tris is so pure but at the same time so complex, you just felt in love with them. They contain each other perfectly, they are the perfect match. They don’t give unnecessary demonstrations of affection, but instead each touch, each word means something deep. It has never been easy for them; they could never have a normal relationship, so they only have those precious little spaces of time when their world isn’t falling apart. I didn’t know what to expect about what would happen after Tobias’s participation in the plan. But Tris’s decision touched me and reaches to the very deep of my heart. They really love each other, they are all they got, and in order to forgive the other, you have to accept them. And she knew that. She chose to stay with him, he was his true love. And I couldn’t be happier for them. Tobias is a sweetheart, and despite all his weaknesses, I love him madly. They made him more human and lovable to me. Every part with him on the scene guaranteed to make you swoon. However, I must admit that I was really hopping that they would do more than hugs and kisses, not because I needed to read some of that, but because I think it would have taken their relationship to a whole new level, where they could feel completely united and blended with the other, without any barriers in between. But it didn’t happen, and it sucked, and I hated that. So, those little moments where they could find intimacy were truly appreciated and cherished with extreme care. I love Tobias, but I think Tris is a very good companion for him, so I can’t complain. It was a matter of time before they came with a new plan to defeat the bureau, but given the council’s decision of reset everyone’s memory, they had to do it fast. It was relatively simple, activate the memory serum to the bureau people and reset one of Tobias’s parents memory so they could no longer wanted to held war. What I couldn’t really believe was that Caleb was the perfect candidate to sacrifice his life. No matter what he had done, I just couldn’t condemn my brother to his death, but to Tris this was way too easy. Mysterious. The existence of the serums themselves didn’t make me do a lot of questions; I think it’s more interesting in that way. If there is a serum that activate your biggest fears, why can’t be one that erases your memory and make you retain the basic stuff like walking and talking? And after those, it isn’t really that impossible to imagine one that could kill you. So, for all the people that question themselves about this topic, I only have to say that I chose to believe. Right when they mentioned it, I didn’t like the idea of executing the plan separately. I mean Tris and Tobias. Why chose to be apart when the probabilities of surviving are so rare? I know everyone hoped they succeeded, but the truth is, each second of their days was unexpected and full of danger. I would have never separated the couple, they were too perfect to stay apart, and nothing good could come out of that. We sadly know what happens next. Anyway, it was too obvious that Tris was not going to let Caleb sacrifice him, and if that wouldn’t have happened, something very weird it had been going on inside her head. However, despite all her abnegation spirit, she was right. There was a real possibility for her to survive to the death serum, while her brother never stood a chance. Somehow you knew she would survive it, what you could never predict though, was that David would kill her. Yes, he did. I don’t know how or why he could but that’s the cruel reality. I never saw that happen. I thought it was all a temporary fright and that we would see her again…don’t make me start again 😦 While Tris was dying, the other half was getting inside Chicago, with two very different missions going on. They needed to get Uriah’s family, that; by the way, I still think his death was totally inevitable without jeopardizing the whole story. But Four had his very own thing going on. It really surprised me Peter’s revelation. One would think that all the decisions he made were pure intentional, but with his confession you could see that he didn’t enjoy being him, up to the point of erasing his memory. I truly thought he wasn’t going to do it. I still can’t believe that he actually did it. Anyway, until his very own reasoning, I was debating myself about who I would give the memory serum, if Marcus or Evelyn, but I never considered the possibility of making one of them change your mind. I don’t really believe that Evelyn’s mind is so easy to change. Maybe she wanted to be with her son more than she wanted to stay in power, but why she gave up on him all those years? There is something isn’t right. She was in the top of the world, and the idea of letting it go in just a second is too absurd to be true, even if the reason is his son. That ending was so much more unfitting instead of Tris death. That would never be okay. Never. After they succeeded with the city mission, all I was expecting was the part where Tris would explain that she almost died and that she saw her mom and all. But I wasn’t expecting the series of chapters from Tobias POV, to only get to the point where no introductory name was needed because she was really gone. From that part on, I couldn’t make sense from what was happening. Everything was put behind but the sole fact that that couldn’t be Tris’s end. So, I read it as fast as I could with the hope that somewhere they were going to tell me that it was all a dream, but as we know it, it wasn’t. I can’t explain how much it hurt to see Tobias suffering for her, I think it’s the only thing I can (and its worth) remember. The truth is, the reason why I hated so much her death is in great part because of the relationship with him. They barely could be together. There was always something else happening that couldn’t allow them to enjoy the moment. I was so desperate for reaching the part where they could finally be together as a couple that I just felt so betrayed by the whole situation. It wasn’t fair. They fought so hard and made so many sacrifices so they could finally be happy, but instead something worse happens. This is by far the worst ending I have ever read, and the worst part is, that it makes you questioning yourself about reading the entire series. And that can’t be good. Not at all. Despite all, I have to say that I would recommend the series, but with a major warning of disappointment in the end. I think this have to be the worst mistake made in the word’s book history. Anyway, there are too many excellent quotes inside the book, too many to include them in the review, so I’m making a different entry for that, to only continue with the internal mourning.


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