All the Pretty Poses by M.Leighton (Pretty, #2)


If you liked All the Pretty Lies you’re just going to love All the Pretty Poses. It is so good. Incredibly good. I loved every single part of it. The more I think about it the less I can’t explain. Pure awesomeness.

This second book starts right after they’ve caught the dirty cop that killed Hemi’s brother. However, All the Pretty Poses is nothing like the first part of the series. Let me explain, starting with the main characters. In here you get to know the story of Hemi’s older brother Reese and Kennedy that already have a history together. Things ended up pretty ugly between them after Reese left without returning when they were very young. A long time has passed since they haven’t seen each other, until destiny puts them on the same place 14 years later. First of all, Reese is nothing like Hemi. Not including the fact that they are both stunning alpha males. He enjoys his power, success and influence on people. He likes women and doesn’t care about having anything serious with them. He is drop dead gorgeous and he knows it.

The best thing in here for me was the story behind each one of the characters. They were so complex with a lot of layers behind, mostly the female lead, Kennedy. It’s always so easy for me to fell in love with the male characters, but for some reason, the women don’t attract my attention at all. Therefore, it’s so hard to find great girls that I feel related to or feel a connection with. And in this book, I have to admit that the best thing was Kennedy, above Reese. And that my friends, almost never happens. She is absolutely great, a truly fighter. After everything that happened to her, she takes the strength out of it and uses it to follow her dreams. She is so sweet, loves the animals and is easy going. She’s very persistent when it comes to pursuing her happiness, making impossible to give up. I really admire her. So, when Reese reappears in her life, threatening everything she has accomplished, I don’t like it AT ALL. Yes, I know that he is irresistibly good looking and a successful businessman. But I cannot sympathize with him when I know what he thinks. That he only offers that opportunity to Kennedy in order to satisfy his desire of her body, despite that she is obviously still affected by him. When you know how the situation behind each POV is, it is impossible to not feel related to the girl and hate the boy for everything he is putting her through. Because, common’, he is the type of person that attracts you in a predatory way. A no matter how hard you try, you end up giving everything up for him.

The offer consisted mostly in dancing and serving in one of his boats during the entire summer. And in exchange, he would talk to Altman, the man that could give her the chance of an audition for dancing on his famous theater. It was impossible to say no. A girl with few chances in a position like hers couldn’t refuse an opportunity like that. At first they had a week without clients, only sharing time with Hemi, Sloane and Sig. This part is very entertaining, because we also get to see our lovable characters from the first book. In here Sig tries to get the attention of her, and she is glad to use that to make jealous of Reese. One of the things that I don’t appreciate of Reese is that he always says that is only a matter of time before she begs him to be with her. Yes, we do know you are irresistible, but you have to be so pretentious about it? I don’t think so. Also, she meets someone very nice that enters to her reduced list of friends. I really like his character, although we little know from him. Anyway, once they left his family on an island for vacations, the clients start to arrive. The scenery was something like this. Powerful men with a lot of money pay for a great time, sharing with gorgeous women that give them what they want. They pay for living the dream for the weeks that the ride lasts. However, Kennedy doesn’t get the opportunity of working that much. She was only requested as a company for Reese, and a couple of dances. And in one of them is that the things started to get real hot.

I have to say that I kind of expected that she would resist a little bit more, instead of giving up so easily. So, when she finally accepted him in order to compensate what happened 14 years ago, when he didn’t return and didn’t save her from her foster parent, I wasn’t happy at all. I know, that deep down, she truly wanted to be with him. I would have too. But he didn’t deserve it. She was better than that. Nonetheless, when you think about enjoying the moment and seizing the day, everything takes second place. They first sexual encounter though, was something memorable. She was in the middle of a performance when he couldn’t resist the needs anymore and had to ask that everyone leave the room. They did it in there, without anything that could restrain them anymore. And I like it. Very much. After that, they used their time pretty well. She didn’t make any more dances and was with him all the time. They visited every island on which they stopped. He would fill her with very expensive gifts that she didn’t need, after having more sex in incredible beaches or bungalows.

It was kind of obvious that something had to happen in the end. It did surprise me though, that the inconvenience was his fiancée. I kind of thought he could change. But with the way that he acted and thought about it proves to be totally wrong. To only think that they could be together no matter what the marital papers said, it was crazy. Absolutely crazy. And Kennedy knew that. She could accept a lot, but that was a little too much. She felt that it was her time to go, so she asked her friend to set up things for her, so she could fly home. Although I didn’t believe any word that Reese said about really wanting to be with her, still was a shock for me that he could continue thinking like that. How can you marry a person only for business? That doesn’t happen only in movies? For that reason, Kennedy’s reaction was totally expectable. I couldn’t blame her pain at all. A disappointment is horrible when you are 15 and a thousand times worse when you have 29. She fell in love all over again but this time only harder. It was only natural that she would be in such a terrible state. What it was a truly revelation though, was Reese’s reaction to this whole thing.

I have to make a pause in here to explain a little about Malcolm Spencer. He was Reese’s uncle, which died just before the re encounter of the couple. His uncle was nothing like his father, so that’s why he used to spend a lot of time on his house when he was a boy. In the same place, he met Kennedy. She lived in the cottage of the house, with her foster parents. After his death, Reese discovered that he had left his house as a heritance to him and a woman that no one knew.

That brings us to the present, where Reese finds out that this woman was really a girl, who was deceased, and that Kennedy and he were his parents. He didn’t know anything about it, and this finding made him even more determined in achieving what he was doing. Selling all his boats and ending every business he had with his dad. So, when he finally gets to Kennedys place, after he could complete his mission, I couldn’t not believe on his love. That was the moment when the Reese she knew appeared in front of me. And I really fell in love with him. The story behind their daughter’s death was pretty shocking, but made me love Kennedy even more. The worst thing was that Reese’s father knew it all, and played an important part on it. I wanted to kill him. I still kind of do. I can’t imagine what Reese felt when he knew all that. Poor thing. The good thing is that this situation was contrasted by a very good one. They also got to discover that the woman that took care of Malcolm was also Reese’s mother. She was paid in order to keep quiet about the true nature of Harrison’s birth. She could visit her son only if nobody knew, and that’s what she did.

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. I simply loved it. All fitted together like it supposed to. They lived their lives as a married couple, with Reese’s mom on it. Kennedy’s dream of being a dancer came true, and they also had a son. I couldn’t imagine something better even if I tried. I’m just so happy about them!

In the end, love won. It always does. And it always will.

This book provoked me so many emotions, with such a great story and more incredible characters. I really loved the second part of the series and it’s going to be so hard to forget. I declare myself a fan of M. Leighton, and I can’t wait to continue reading her others books. All Things Pretty, here I come!


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