All Things Pretty by M.Leighton (Pretty, #3-3.5)


The Pretty Series is truly amazing. I loved the fact that even though the stories are very different between each other they are equally beautiful and fascinating. I was gladly pleased.

All Things Pretty is the last book of the series, and tells us the story of Sig, one of Sloane’s brothers. This is such a great book. From the very first minute that I started reading it was nearly impossible to put it down. The characters are captivating, and the inevitable bad ending makes you crave for more.

I was absolutely intrigued with Tommi’s façade, just like Sig was. You knew she couldn’t possibly be with his boyfriend just because she needed the money. It had to be something deeper than that; more than his brother’s illness and her mother’s state. But I could’ve never have predicted what was actually going on. She actually killed his brother, in order to save her mom. How could she live with that burden all those years? No wonder she could survive to everything her boyfriend put her through, she is stronger than hell.

I really liked how things ended up for them. The way Sig helped her getting her happy ending after everything that happened. It was absolutely perfect.

“Since the day I met you, you’ve had the power to hurt me, to devastate me, to destroy my world if you leave it, but you’ve also kept me breathing…Will you keep me breathing until there’s no breath left in me? Because I can’t think of a life worth living if it doesn’t have you in it.”

I have to admit that this is the first book where I don’t fell in love with the main character. I just think that the story is so good that simply overshadows everything else, and makes you focus on what is happening at the moment. Besides, despite everything that he cared about her, I wasn’t able to forget that he was working undercover. And the fact that he was lying to her and his main goal was to capture her boyfriend no matter the consequences, made him a little less attractive. The good part is that at the end he’s willing to sacrifice everything for her, so he vindicates himself. It was a very good story, with an even better ending. I’m definitely reading more from M.Leighton. She is a big yes.


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