Wrecked by Emily Snow


Wrecked had all the potential to be a captivating story, but for me, it just fell flat. The story sounded really good, but there were too many elements that didn’t work. It entertained me, but I don’t think I would read it again.

First of all, I think I sort of missed the part where Evelyn and Rhys fell in love. Everything happened so fast that I actually believed that I skipped some pages. One day they were acknowledging their attraction and the next one they were already together as a couple. How could I go from the platonic idea of being with Rhys to the part where they were intimately connected? I just couldn’t picture them together, it didn’t seem real.

Moreover, I felt like I didn’t know a thing about him, besides the fact of being related with Lily’s murder. The truth is we do get to know a lot about Evelyn, about her burdens and feelings. But this isn’t the case for Rhys, and I think Evie didn’t know much about him than we did. He had the potential of being a remarkable book boyfriend, but the character wasn’t well-developed.

To be fair, I really liked the other main story of the book, the one of Lily’s death. It definitely grabbed my attention. I could actually feel Evelyn’s emotions and guilt. She truly believed it was her fault and that she wrecked everything. It was so sad. I don’t support though her lies to Rhys. She had the perfect moment to tell him, and if it was something serious, she should have.

This is so wrong. So wrong. I came here to escape from my reality tonight, and this is where I am: diving face down in it.

I want to make it clear that I really like this author and her writing style. However, this book just didn’t work for me.



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