Savor you by Emily Snow

savor you

Savor you was part of the bundle that I mentioned earlier, but I think it is truly a mistake to read it as a standalone. Let me explain.

This book had all the right elements, the sexy rockstar, the attractive girl, and the imminent failure of their relationship, spiced up with an interesting storyline. However, they weren’t enough to grab my attention. The biggest problem for me was the absence of back story.

There was absolutely nothing that helped me understand why they kept trying after all those years. They continuously talked about the things that went wrong between them in the past, but there was nothing for us to connect with those moments. From my point of view, Kylie and Wyatt’s story was basically a terribly toxic relationship, full of lies and infidelity. It seemed to me that she literally despised herself, and that Wyatt could do whatever he wanted to do and she just accepted it. It was depressing to see her suffering like that. Why she had to wait 8 years to finally move on? I just don’t know. It doesn’t make any more sense than Wyatt’s inability to express his feelings.

I think that maybe this book wouldn’t have been that disappointing if I had read first the other books of the saga. But since it was sold as a standalone, it truly was an issue. I have to admit that it entertained me, although I wouldn’t read it again.


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