Revved by Samantha Towle (Revved, #1)


Carrick Ryan is all I’ve been waiting for. From the moment I finished reading Revved, all I can think of is him. I’ve read so many books lately but I haven’t been able to find my perfect male character…until now. Carrick surpassed all my expectations; he is the book boyfriend that I longed about. I think I might love him. ❤

You’re mine. You’ve been mine from the moment I saw you. And I’m definitely yours. So, I’m here, telling you that I want you today and every day after. I’m so beyond fucking crazy about you that I’m going insane from not being with you. So, whatever it is that’s stoping you from being with me, like we both know you want, then just fight it, babe, because I can’t be without you a moment longer.

Aside from the fact that Carrick is reason enough to love this book, Revved is a uniquely beautiful story. The F1 world that Samantha introduced us was brilliant and refreshing. I absolutely loved it! There are so many motives to love it, from their amazingly strong characters to its captivating plot. This epic love story is an exceptional must read. The more I think about it the more in awe I am. 5 STARS!!!!

I liked both of the main characters, though I have mixed feelings about Andressa. Despite the fact that she is a remarkably strong and independent girl, I really hated her stubbornness. She is a wonderful woman, but that isn’t exactly the case when it comes to dealing with Carrick. I admire the fact that she follows her dream no matter where it takes her to. And that she has to fight with all the stereotypes that exist in the world of Formula 1. Nonetheless, I truly disliked the way she handled things with him. I comprehend her fears and the “no dating drivers” motto, but ending things with him for the fourth time was a little too much for me. Every breakup was worse than the last. It was so painful to see.

Now Carrick is something else entirely. Like I said, he is perfection. Unbelievably sexy and sweet. He has not only the appearance but also the confidence and charm. I loved how caring was with Andi. He abandoned everything just to be with her. Although I don’t support the way he handled rejection, it was too obvious for me that he was hurt.

Carrick’s presence just commands attention. Take away the racing, the fame, and I think he would still be the same. Confidence and virility just breathe from him as naturally as the air from his lungs.

I suffered with every Andi’s rejection. I couldn’t believe what she did to him. I know I can’t imagine the terror of experiencing something like her father’s death. But Carrick was too good to give up.

The storyline was excellent. I felt so many emotions during the book. I laughed, suffered, daydreamed and almost cried. The fighting scenes were insufferable, and the reconciliations just pleasing. The ending was brilliant, just like it supposed to. After facing her fears, Andi proved to be good to Carrick. So I was gladly pleased when I read the epilogue.

Revved, one of the best books I’ve read so far.

Carrick Ryan, the best book boyfriend of the year.

“You’re never alone, babe. You need to hear my voice, go sit with John and my da, and you can put an earpiece in. Okay?”

Could he be any more perfect? ❤


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