Becoming Calder & Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan


I’ve tried so hard to come up with this review sometime soon. But I find myself delaying it because I’m incapable of finding the right words to express what these books made me feel. I’m suffering the very well-known Book Hangover. I can’t stop thinking about their story. It simply left me amazed.

When I read, I focus into one book at a time. And despite the fact that I already finished them, I really need to write this in order to move on with my readings. They still are filling every blank space of my mind.

“As long as we’re both under the same moon, we’ll always find a way to each other.”

After reading Becoming Calder and Finding Eden, I declare myself a devoted fan of Mia’s work. She is absolutely amazing. Nothing on her books fell short, everything fits to perfection.

Calder and Eden’s story begins in Acadia, a cult with no room for anything except the proclamations of their leader. They fell in love at a very young age, when Hector brings her to their community. In this place, the members work incredibly hard and live only with the minimum, everything for the promise of eternal happiness in Elysium after the great flood. The problem was that Eden played a fundamental role in their fate. The prophecy claimed that she would become Hector’s wife and mother of all at the age of 18.

“If I have to live in Elysium for eternity with someone I don’t love, I thought maybe a kiss from you, even just one, would make it bearable.”

Calder was a loving son and brother, and an exceptional member of the community. He trusted in Hector and Acadia. He never doubted his beliefs until Eden started getting close. They are one of the most lovable characters that I’ve read of. Their innocence just melted my heart.

Their love story is beautiful, so sweet and pure, but at the same time filled with angst and sorrow. I loved their secret meetings and how they fell in love with each other. My heart ached so much for them when they couldn’t be together.

“She had dared to dream beyond what someone else had ordained her destiny to be, beyond what even the gods had destined.”

I have to admit that I had a really hard time with Hector and the horrible injustices that happened in Acadia. It was so difficult to see the way he treated Calder and how everyone supported him…I think they got what they deserved.

I don’t think it’s possible to read these books as standalones. They complement each other. Finding Eden continues with their story after escaping from Acadia and the great flood, and their attempt to preserve what they had. It’s really the best ending for their perfect love story, and contains all the answers for the questions that we had.

Calder and Eden’s epic story will be forever in my heart. Love always prevails.

“You’re mine, Eden. You always have been, from the very first second I saw you.”
I nodded. It seemed like the simplest truth the world had ever known.”


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