Kyland by Mia Sheridan


Kyland is an emotional heart touching story about sacrifice and everlasting love.

I love the way this author introduce us to other realities through significant topics, and how each of her books is completely different from another. With Kyland this isn’t an exception.

“When it came to you, I noticed everything. I fell halfway in love with you before we ever spoke a word.”

Poverty, hopelessness and hunger rule Denville, a small mining town that situates in the Appalachian Mountains. Over the past few years, Kyland Barret and Tenleigh Falyn’s main objective has been to win the only scholarship that each year is offered by the school of the town. That scholarship is their only way to freedom. However, what they couldn’t anticipate was that everything they’d worked so hard for would be threatened by the power of love.

Both have their reasons for wanting to get out. The big difference is that while Tenleigh has a loving sister and a mother to come back home to, Kyland is completely alone. This is why he can’t attach to anyone; he doesn’t plan to come back.

“Half agony, half hope. Half pain, half ecstasy. Half grief, half joy. Half my downfall, half my savior.”

I really loved these characters; they are so human and real. Their stories were terribly devastating, they broke my heart. Tenleigh’s life was tough, having to take care of her mentally ill mother and struggling for their basic needs on daily basis. But Kyland’s truth was way worse. A little after his mother abandoned him and his family, his brother and father died underground in the fatidic accident at the town’s mine. He’s been pretending to be with his mother this whole time, while the truth is that he is living on his own, barely surviving each day.

“Sometimes my life felt so small. And I had to wonder why those of us who were given small lives, still had to feel pain so big.”

Tenleigh’s strength and selfness was incredible. She was innocent and sweet. So determined on reaching her goal, but always putting what was important first. And the most significant one, she didn’t fear falling in love and admitting her feelings. I think that’s very remarkable of her, considering that many people can’t do that. I loved how she attempted sacrifice herself in order to save Kyland. She loved him more than she loves herself. That’s true love.

Then we have Kyland *sighs*. At the beginning I didn’t know what to expect from him. It bothered me the way he reacted to Tenleigh, pushing her away. I truly didn’t understand how he couldn’t imagine his life with her. It would be difficult, yes, but it could be done. After their daily struggle, that would’ve been a piece of cake. However, it completely had me with the final revelation. I still can’t believe what he did and the consequences of it. The more I think about it, the more my heart aches. Poor sweet boy, he went through hell, every day, for her. This is the most beautiful sacrifice that I’ve read. It truly overwhelmed me.

“I do go to hell. Every day. For you.”

It was a divine pleasure to see how their story was developed. I adored the way their found love in simple things, cherishing what was important. They had themselves and that was all that mattered.

“The colorful sky stretched before us—magnificent—as if it was trying to make up for the ugliness of our lives, our constant struggles. And for just the briefest, most fleeting of moments, maybe it did.”

The only criticism that I have of this book, is the unbearable time gap. It was way too much time. I know the extent of Kyland’s love so for him it wasn’t much of a problem. But Tenleigh had no idea. It’s too risky to sacrifice like that without having any secure. Also, the fact of having little information about what they went through is annoying. I wanted to know more from it. Four years is a world apart. We needed to know more!

It is impossible to go wrong with Mia Sheridan. Her books are amazing and will definitely stay in your heart. A happy ever after ending assured. My kind of books.

“I suffered, yes, but I realized I would happily suffer for you, because that’s what loving someone is. Willing to do anything for them, willing to make any sacrifice, suffer so they don’t have to. I loved you then, and I still love you now.”


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