The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo (The Story of Us, #1)


The Way We Fall is a story about lies, betrayal and love.

“If ignorance is bliss, believing lies is orgasmic.”

I don’t really know how I feel about this book. I really liked the story and the topics that involved. They weren’t pretty and easy to deal with. However, I feel uneasy about the characters. I’m not sure if I accept Rory, and I definitely don’t like Houston. They were messed, but were their actions the ones that really bothered me.

The more I think the less I’m clear about what I liked. I liked her job but it wasn’t what she should do. Or what she wanted to do. I liked that he still thought of her and love her, but not while he was married. I loved the fact that they meet again, but not that they had sex so fast. Not after everything he did to her. I understood that he couldn’t be with her, but not until the point of getting an abortion. In fact, that really pissed me off.

The time lapse also really bothered me. I think that 5 years is a hell of a long time. A lot of things happens during that time, especially when you’re that young. But in the book, nothing had changed, everything was exactly the same. Except for Skippy, a big addition to the story, if you ask me. And Tessa, Houston’s wife. Also, the reason of their gathering was absolutely random. 5 years passed and it was like they were apart for like 5 seconds. It didn’t make sense.

At the beginning, I think I actually liked Houston. Nonetheless, now that I’m recalling all of his actions I think I might hate him. There was so much of his crap that it was a little too much. Starting with Contessa. I understand that he needed someone as broken as he was. And that she was conscious about him not loving her. But the constant compulsive suicide threats? Not acceptable. How couldn’t he end things with her if he loved Rory like he said? What was he doing with her? I hated them both. Tessa for manipulating him, and Houston being as hypocrite as he could be. For thinking about Rory and the ring while comforting his wife. He was so damn double-faced.

This book is an incredible addictive read. I couldn’t stop reading it. Though the big secret unrevealed about Hallie’s suicide was the main reason for it. I have to say though, that I didn’t see it coming. Not in a million years. There were so many different scenarios that I played on my mind, but what actually had happened surpassed all my expectations. I found the truth very impressive, but a rather insignificant reason to commit suicide for. If friendship was so important to her, she would’ve stopped sooner. The way they pictured her, she seemed stronger than to kill herself for not knowing how to cope with things. I don’t buy it. It’s strange. What I truly didn’t like though, was the suicide letter. There were so many unnecessary details that made it absolutely ridiculous. Like all the descriptions about his body, or their relationship, that weren’t needed to establish the whole point. Out of place.

That being the reason, I can’t explain why he didn’t tell her. Hallie couldn’t handle the truth, but Rory deserved to know. Not telling her was one of those unforgivable mistakes. Not having the needed closure after something like that is a punishment from hell. Damn Houston, I really hate him. Although if I think about it, his mistakes made him real. People don’t usually take the smartest choices. And he took a lot of awful ones.

Anyway, I cannot wait to continue with the next two books. I’m glad that I wait for the three of them to read this series. I don’t know how other people can deal with the cliffhangers.


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